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About Jim

 • First, and foremost, I am a child of God. I believe I have been called to use the gifts God has given me for healing, strengthening, and encouraging fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

As children of God we all have a specific calling (or “vocation”). I live out my baptismal call in the vocation of marriage. I am married to my soul-mate, and best friend, Maureen since 1995. We met in graduate school (she also holds a Master’s degree in theology). We enjoy giving workshops and presentations together on marriage enrichment and other topics.

I have been blessed with being a stay-at-home dad (part-time) since 1999. We have three lovely children (two daughters and a boy).  Our youngest, David, was born in 2004 and has Down’s syndrome. David has taught us so much about God’s love, simplicity, and laughter.  Being a stay-at-home dad has been the hardest and most fulfilling work I have ever done!  I used to black-top as a teen and young adult and on a good day we could lay about 250 ton of asphalt (we were a small company).  I was physically tired, but nothing like the “emotional muscle” it takes to be a part-time stay-at-home dad!  Being a stay-at-home dad has taught me as much, if not more, about God’s love than my formal academic training.

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Minnesota and a trained coach. I hold a Master of Divinity (1996 from St. John’s University, Collegeville, MN) and a Master of Science in Applied Psychology (1998 from St. Cloud State University). I provide Christian counseling at the Center for Family Counseling, Inc. in St. Cloud, MN. I also completed my basic coach training intensive program in June, 2002.

I am a small business owner. I loved my work so well as a Christian therapist that I bought the clinic in 2001. You can read about the work we do locally at   I also belong to the Christian Coaches Network.

I am a lecturer and public speaker on topics relating to Christian marriage and parenting as well as other topics.  I am blessed with having a daily message on our excellent Christian radio station in St. Cloud, MN: Spirit 92.9
You can check them out at:

I believe in the power of Romans 8:28. This passage summarizes the entire Scriptures!  This is a promise from our God that Resurrection wins and death does not for those who love God. Because we share in Christ’s identity all of our daily “deaths” can also be “resurrected” today!  This is the abundant life that Christ promises you! God will bring good from all things in our lives and our relationships. Seeing Christ work through the death experiences in my own life has brought me to this conviction. Now God uses these experiences of resurrections in my own life to be hope and transformation in other’s people’s lives.

I am a Christian Coach. I find fulfillment in this work and am continually enlivened as I witness the power of the Holy Spirit bringing new life to individuals and couples. I welcome the invitation to become a privileged guest in your life as your Christian Coach. Your first thirty minute visit with me is completely free, with no obligation.