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What is Coaching?

“Life-style coaching” has been a profession for a number of years and continues to grow in popularity. I understand this trend as a licensed therapist in Minnesota because of the clients we see at the clinic, some of whom do not need therapy but desire to grow in a deeper relationship with God and others. To be sure, there will always be a need for well-trained licensed therapists who practice Christian counseling. And Christian Coaching is not meant to replace Christian-based therapy.

But now Christian Coaching offers a remarkable new option for those who do not need counseling but who want to live life more abundantly. This is the heart of Christian Coaching: to help empower people to sort out current issues in order to live a more vibrant present and future in Christ.

Coaching is different from counseling. With coaching there is no psychiatric work, no diagnoses, and no “treatment plan.” People who see me now as a coach are generally functioning at a high level but want more out of life and their relationships. We all know that we cannot grow in a vacuum, and that is where Christian Coaching can be a transformational relationship for many people.

As a Christian Coach I believe that the Holy Spirit provides the insight and helps me to use the critical thinking and objective listening skills that God has given me to empower people to become experts on themselves and their relationships. I remember coaching a professional who told me that “in four months of Christian Coaching my relationships are four times better.” This affirmed for me that the Holy Spirit used our relationship to bring about insight and growth.

Christian Coaching is usually done over the phone in half-hour to hour sessions. I have worked as a coach with a variety of life vocations: doctors, professionals, stay-at-home parents, married couples, and any one desiring the abundant life that Christ discusses in John 10:10. You are not the exception to the promise in John 10:10.

If it sounds like Christian coaching might be for you feel free to click on the contact link and send me an email.  Remember that your first thirty minute session is free with no obligation at all so you really have nothing to loose.  No matter what you decide may God bless you and your relationships with the peace of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

My specialties include:

–Discernment of Your Gifts and Life Calling
–Relational Issues
–Marriage Enrichment and Intimacy Issues
–Stress Reduction
– Weight Management, and Wellness
–Career Discernment and Changes
–Small Business Operations
–Christian Parenting
–Ministry Issues
–Life Balance
–Time Management
–Prayer and Spirituality
–Transitions (Work, Family, Relocation, Relationships)
–Grief, Loss, and Suffering Issues