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Jim and Maureen Otremba have been married since 1995. They have both been stay-at-home parents (part-time) since 1999.

Jim is the owner of the Center for Family Counseling, Inc. in St. Cloud, MN where he provides Christian counseling. He also provides Christian coaching right here at He holds a Master of Divinity degree from St. John’s University and a Master’s in Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University. He is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Minnesota.

Maureen works at their church in out-reach ministry. She holds a Master’s in Theology from St. John’s University and has an extensive background in teaching children, offering workshops, and adult faith formation. She loves working with families and watching the Holy Spirit bring healing and peace.

Over the last decade they have enjoyed offering many workshops for deacons, churches, ministers, and other groups. Here is a partial list:

Earthly Perfect Harmony – Enhancing Marital Love
The Daily Dozen of Christian Parenting
The Daily Dozen of Managing Stress and Anxiety
The Daily Dozen of Christian Dating
Guidelines for Those Married Fewer Than Five Years
Champion Sports and Marriage:
Profound Lessons Learned and Applied

If your church or group has a particular workshop in mind, they are always open to discussing specific needs. Jim can be reached at The Center for Family Counseling, Inc. at: (320) 253-3540.

What others have said of their material:
“…most practical and helpful in making immediate improvements within our marriage.”

“Thank you for your ministry – I’ll be watching for your book and waiting for additional seminars.”

“I love learning concrete ways to deal with stress and anxiety.”

“Every couple came away with an enriched understanding of the spiritual aspect of our married life.”

“We really enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm of your presentation.You both are very versed on the subject matter and your commitment to each other and to your faith was uplifting.”

“I really enjoyed the ‘Daily Dozen’ of stress – a much needed topic. Very practical advice and easy to apply.”

“Foundational intimacies…has been something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to talk about with my spouse for years, and now finally have.”

“It was well worth our time to participate. I’m sure it has opened up discussion and actions for us that will be very helpful to us in continuing to grow our relationship.”

“I thought it was really good and practical information that a person could take and use.”

“The effective merging of physiology and Christianity…For effective and applied Christian living this was very good.”

“The talks on forgiveness were enlightening. I had not yet forgiven myself for a slight to my wife – although she had forgiven me…”